President: Troy R. Bennett

Secretary: Warren Hodgdon

Treasurer: Glen Gurwit

Librarian: Spike Hyssong

The New England Society for the Preservation of Recorded Sound (NESPRS) is a small, informal group of record collectors. Our main (but not exclusive) interest is in the 78 RPM era of recorded sound. Music, collecting, and the technology of recording, playback, and transfer are all subjects for discussion at NESPRS meetings.

NESPRS was founded in 1968. Our current members are residents of Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, and Massachusetts.

Our current yearly schedule includes three meetings in the Bath, Maine area, and three meetings in the Lebanon, New Hampshire area.

A typical NESPRS meeting begins at noon with two hours of socializing, as members chat about common interests. Some members bring crates of records to buy, sell, and swap. A business meeting begins at 2:00 PM followed by a club program lasting for 30 to 45 minutes. After a short break, there is an auction where each member is allowed to offer up to ten items of NESPRS interest. The meeting ends around 4:30. Many members usually stay after the meeting to dine locally if desired.

If you would care to attend a meeting as a guest, please contact our Club Secretary.

We hope to see you at a NESPRS meeting soon!


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