First meeting of 2013 announced

The time is coming!

Saturday, April 20, Bath, Maine at Noon.

That’s right, the time is coming for the first meeting of the year. Hooray! It was a struggle to find a time and place we could agree on since our planning went all flooey after the final meeting of 2012 got snowed out. But we did it.

I hope everyone had a fine and prosperous winter with lots of cool records to keep you warm. I, myself, am itching for spring and I’m anxious to get together and talk about (what else?) records.

If  you want to know exactly where the meeting will be held, and if you’re not a member but would like to attend, email NESPRS via the contact page. We’ll send you the information.


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One Response to First meeting of 2013 announced

  1. Hopefully 2 visitors will join us at Mikes this weekend

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